Free Telephone Advice on your Hot Tub


hot tub telephone advice

Owning a hot tub is a little like owning a car; there are some technical parts and pumps and there is water to keep clean and safe. In the main it is straightforward looking after your spa and the chances are that your hot tub will work beautifully for many years. However, as some people buy their hot tubs over the internet they have no access to any support…the supplier just delivered your hot tub to the driveway and now you are on your own! Perhaps you bought a house and found that it came with a hot tub. Lucky you! But what do you do with it?

For the customers* of We Love Hot Tubs! we offer a free telephone support service. Confused by the test strip readings or want to discuss what to do when you go on holiday? Then call us and we will be happy to give you informed advice.*


   “customers” is defined as someone who has placed an order for any of our products and services within the last 6 months. Don’t worry if you havent spoken to us before. Give us a call anyway and we will be able to help.