Hot Tub Accessories and watercare products


We are able to provide the water care products and chemicals that you need to keep your hot tub in tip top condition!

We can also supply hot tub covers, hot tub cover lifters, steps, bars and other accessories. Drop us a line for the current pricelist on 0800 288 4708!

“It was kind of you to drop the chemicals round and now that we know you are local, we will  order what we need from you in future. It was also helpful of you to offer technical support should we need it as the company that we bought from is no longer in business and they had provided that up to now. You were pleasant, friendly at all times, so thanks again and we’ll be in touch regarding future orders as and when we need more bits and pieces”.

Mrs L D'Arcy, Frimley

“I simply don’t have the time to drive around finding the chemicals that I need. Now I send one email and two days later you deliver my order to the door…fantastic service! I would definately recommend We Love Hot Tubs!!”

Mr Barnes, Ash Vale