Hot Tub Chemical Talk

Hot Tub Chemical Talk from We Love Hot Tubs!

Are you confused about what chemicals to add? And how? Do you know how to accurately test the water and keep it safe for your friends and family? What is the difference between using chlorine and bromine? For all these questions and more we offer a 45 minute chemical talk which will clearly explain all the tips and tricks to keeping the water in your hot tub clean and safe.

45 minute Chemical Talk costs just £60 and includes a WaterCare Hot Tub Guide.

Our Hot Tub Chemical Talk includes:

  • Come to your home to give talk with your own hot tub
  • Test the water
  • Explain chemical readings and how to change/add chemicals to get the levels right
  • Review current chemical stock and advise on usage
  • Discuss pros and cons of different chemicals
  • Answer your questions and concerns
  • Provide watercare cheatsheet