Hot Tub Recommissioning Service


Hot tub recommissioning

If you have had your hot tub out of action for a period of time, then we offer a Re-commissioning service which gets your hot tub up and running again.

Some of our clients have only had their hot tub shut down for the winter months, some have perhaps moved into a new home which has a hot tub which has sat for some years! Either way we can make sure that the hot tub is thoroughly cleaned, sanitised and set up ready for use (once it has come up to temperature).

The cost for the Hot Tub Re-commissioning service starts from £295.

Our Hot Tub Recommissioning Service includes:

  • Clean hot tub shell
  • Fill and add System Flush additive
  • Empty and refill as necessary
  • Clean the cabinet, cover and pillows
  • Remove filter(s) and take away for thorough cleaning (if spare filters available)


  • Fit new filter(s) (if customer holds spare units)
  • Check that the functions of the hot tub are in working order
  • Report any fault or make recommendations
  • Review chemical stock levels and replace as required (additional charges apply according to stock replenished)
  • Discuss any questions or concerns as required